October Communicator


The cross and the flame symbolizing United Methodism is a reminder that the church is ablaze with the Holy Spirit. My first exposure to a truly wonderful experience of United Methodism in a connectional way was attending Annual Conference at Lakeside. Clergy and laity from around the East Ohio Conference gathered from everywhere, including the youth. Concerts, preaching, teaching, and voting on critical faith and justice issues set the tone for what we believe today and in the future for
United Methodism.

What was one of your first experiences in The United Methodist Church? What set you ablaze with excitement as you learned, served, and worshiped as a faith community? And what sacred parts of the church do you still treasure today?

Church looks different today than it did in years past. When I was growing up, church was the central part of the week with youth group included. Today, many persons are interested in serving outside of the walls of the church in outreach and mission opportunities. People are searching for ways to make a difference in the world. Not all ministry takes place inside the walls of the church. Going OUT to minister with persons can have a tremendous impact upon our community.

Pleasant Hills and Ridgewood UMCs have been going through a time of RELAUNCHING ministry after COVID. Through coaching sessions with Rev. Jeffrey Croft, the congregations are discovering new ways to be in ministry. Identifying what ignites our spirits to serve is motivational and leads us outside the doors of the church with persons in need.

Back to Church Sunday was just a few weeks ago. Many persons are reluctant to return to church. They may have gotten out of the groove of coming or are watching services virtually. If you could come back to church knowing there was something for you to do, would you step out once again? Would you be interested in being a part of a small group
that is based on fellowship and faith? We are waiting just for you.

I invite you to relaunch your faith in a new way. Find a resting place just for you. Find a project or small group that will set you ablaze. The Holy Spirit is everywhere and we can be a part of the excitement of service and worship.

If you would like to learn more about the coaching sessions going on within the church, or to find out how you can be a part of ministry here, please contact me for further information.

Welcome to fall,
Pastor Karen