October Communicator

Fall is in the air! After six months of virtual worship we open our church doors for in-person worship beginning Sunday, October 4. Remember to call the church office to reserve your spot so that we can safely social distance ourselves in the sanctuary and the building. If you are not ready to return to in-person worship, feel  free  to  check  our  church  Facebook  page  and  website  on Sunday  afternoon  to see the video of that morning’s service.

Please take note of special events taking place during worship services in October:

  • October 4 – return to in-person worship

  • October 11 – confirmation service for Kimmy, Liam and Tyler

  • October 18 – Ridgewood Rocks returns

  • October 25 – adoption celebration and baptism of Anthony Shunk

There are many reasons to celebrate this fall. When we worship, we are reminded that the problems of the world are in the hands of God. We are called to active ministry and called to peace with justice. Whether worshiping out of your home or in the church building, we need to decide how we each will take a step forward in sharing our faith and making disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

More people have shared about their faith in the past six months than have shared before. I believe we are depending more upon Jesus in the hope that doing so brings a more personal relationship with Him. Wildfires, protests, politics, illness, depression, and more – there’s a lot to pray about. We are not going to find the answers to these concerns on the evening news. We will only find them in the One who has the ability and desire to change lives.

Will you walk with me the road of ministry? Will you take one step closer to the One who has all things under His care?

To encourage you along your path, here is a poem written by Patricia Kuerbitz:

“As you travel this special road of ministry,  may the Spirit of God surround you.

Always remember that the Lord has promised to be there, whether you are in a valley, or on top of a mountain. His hand will guide and protect you from harm, as long as you stay close to His side.

If you should get ahead of Him, He will humble you, If you should falter, He will encourage you.

His grace will be sufficient for you to carry out the ministry He has anointed you to walk in. His blessings will follow you wherever you go. 

Peace be with you,
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