August, 2018 Communicator

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Making Plans

August is a time when we are in the midst of summer vacations and recreation and yet we are preparing ourselves for the fall. There is a new school year, plans for upcoming work projects and even the weather begins to change to prepare for the impending fall season.

The month of August is also a time of planning for a new church year. One way that we do that in the life of the church is by hosting a Church Planning Retreat every August. This year we will be gathering on Saturday, August 18 from 9:30 am-1:30 pm.

What do we do at a church planning retreat anyway? Well, we have devotions, share our vision for the church and set goals for the upcoming church year. More than anything we come together for fellowship and collegiality.

What is your vision for the future of Ridgewood? Would you like to be a part of the energy that comes with being involved in the life of your church? Could you see yourself sharing your personal witness or story with the congregation? Could you sing a solo or help out with a movie night or youth event? It’s very simple…come and see what is here for you.

Thirty years ago, I ventured into the doors of a church down the street from where I lived. It wasn’t long until I was asked to help out with the youth group and worship team. Being a part of the life of the church was like being a part of a family I never had.The support, the friendships and learning
about the love of Christ gave my life purpose and direction. I also felt that the support I received from the church was positive for my young son.

There are many blessings to be received when two or more believers are gathered together. I still thank God today for that wonderful experience and for the love of Christ I experienced in my life.

Come be a part of what’s going on at Ridgewood. If there is something you want to do here, please give me a call and we can work on that together.




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