October, 2018 Communicator

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Navigating a Changing World

October brings thoughts of Halloween, pumpkins, ghosts and corn mazes. It’s spooky and fun all rolled into one. Scared one minute. Laughing the next.

Church life offers the same emotional ups and downs as we navigate new, unfamiliar paths. Yet, after a few tries of finding our way, we maneuver ourselves through the maze and come out the other side.

Ridgewood UMC has many outstanding ministries. LOGOS and adult Bible studies are back in full swing, and most of you are actively involved with a ministry, team or committee. Our deep spirituality, passion for service, and commitment to mission drive us – just as it did the faithful people who started our church nearly 150 years ago.

A lot has changed since then, but a lot remains the same.

Church Historian Brian Day reminds us on his Bits of History page that some of the issues we worry about today – Sunday school and worship attendances, and church indebtedness – were struggles for the church in the 1880s.

As we approach our church anniversary in 2019, this is a time for the Spirit of God to move through our church. What we know to be true today continues to change before our eyes. It is those very changes in society that bring change to the doorstep of the church.

Moving into the future can be scary, but, it can also be really exciting! Finding hope in the future comes with new ministries and mission insight. Undergirding those endeavors is the Holy Spirit who designs our path.  Listening for that call and direction takes
patience, just like going through a corn maze in October.

A call has been placed upon our lives-to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. There’s no greater invitation than this upon our lives.

May the Holy Spirit impress upon your life a call that is very unique. May the mazes that you go through in life bring you out to the other side. May your joy be complete because He is your savior and perfector in faith.




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