Rev. Karen’s Sermons

September 20
Title:  “Deliverance as Assignment”
Scripture:  Exodus 16:2-15 Matthew 20:1-16
Theme:  God grants deliverance, but that deliverance by God, can be an assignment from God.
Q:  What challenges go with your assignment to serve/love God?

September 13
Title:  “Deliverance in Action”
Scripture:  Exodus 14:19-31, Matthew 18:21-35
Theme:  God sets us free in our actions.
Q:  Do you ever have doubts about God’s activity in the world?  

August 23
Title:  “Who do you say?”
Matthew 16:13-20 and Romans 12:1-8
Theme:  Grace
Q:  Does God’s grace bring you joy?

August 16
Title:  “To the Lost Sheep”
Psalm 133 and Romans 11:2a, 29-32  Matthew 15:21-28
Theme:  Inclusion
Q:  Do you offer grace to everyone? 

August 9
Title:  “The Word is Near You”
Romans 10:5-15 and Matthew 14:22-33
Theme:  We have joy in our lives because of Christ.
Q:  Do you speak words of joy?

August 2
Title:  “You Give them Something”
Romans 9:1-5 and Matthew 14:13-21
Theme:  Compassion
Q:  How do you care for others?

July 26
Scripture:  Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52
Sermon Title: Miraculous Growth
Theme:  There is a growth of God’s purposes among us.
Question: What do you see God doing among our community of faith?  

July 19
Scripture:  Romans 8:12-25
Sermon Title:  Saved in Hope
Theme:  Nothing can separate us from Christ Jesus.
Question:  What parts of your life need Jesus?  

July 5
Scriptures:  Romans 7:15-25 and Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30
Sermon Title:  The Beauty of Interdependence
Theme:  Connection with God and others is crucial.
Question:  Do you value independence over interdependence with God and others?

June 28
Sermon Title:  The Rewards of Receptivity
Scripture:  (Focus Scripture) Matthew 10:40-42 and Genesis 22:1-14
Theme: God blesses/rewards those who trust in God and serve the world.
Q:  How does God bless you in the ministry you do?

June 21
Sermon Title:  From Death to Life
Scriptures:  Romans 6:1-11
Theme:  We are dead to sin but alive for God in Jesus Christ.
Q:  Do you live like you are alive in Christ?

June 14
Sermon Title:  God’s Peace
Scriptures:  Romans 5:1-8
Theme:  Jesus’s peace is to be shared with the world.
Q:  Can you feel the peace of Jesus Christ as He works in your life?

June 7
Sermon Title:  Authorized
Scriptures:  Psalm 8 and Matthew 28:16-20 (using Trinitarian Benediction)
Theme:  God makes close encounter with us so that we can go out and represent God.
Q:  How do you do God’s work in the world?

May 31
Scripture:  Acts 2:1-21
Title: The Power of Communication
Theme:  God speaks in whatever language we need to hear.
Q:  In what creative ways have you seen the Spirit at work in the world?

May 24
Scripture:  Luke 24:44-53
Title: Bearing Witness
Theme:  We are commanded to share the stories of what we’ve seen.
Q:  In what ways have you seen Jesus in the world?

May 17
Scripture:  John 14:15-21
Title: The Air We Breathe
Theme:  We live, move and have our being in God’s freedom.
Q:  Do you see every breath we take as immersing ourselves in God?

May 10
Scriptures:  John 14:1-14 & Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16
Title: Even Though You Didn’t Know
Theme:  We can be effective disciples
Q:  Do you know that the Lord has created work for you to do?

May 3
Scriptures:  John 10:1-10 and Psalm 23
Title: The Voice, the Gate
Theme:  God’s voice directs us and watches over us.
Q:  How has God jumpstarted your life lately?

April 26
Sermon Title:  When Jesus Drops In
Luke 24:13-35
Theme: Jesus brings the disciples much needed healing, re-energizing them for the work that lies ahead.
Q:  When Jesus drops in, will you be ready to receive Him?

April 19
Sermon Title: Eyewitness Talk
John 20:19-31
Theme: Jesus comes to us. Blessed are those who believe.
Question: How do you witness the presence of the Lord?

April 12 (Easter Sunday)
Sermon Title:  Agents of Easter
Matthew 28:1-10
Theme:  The crucified Christ is raised from the dead and sets in motion for his followers to “Go”
Q: Who will you tell that “Jesus has risen?”

April 5 (Palm Sunday)
Sermon Title:  “A Servant’s Heart”
Matthew 21:1-11 and Philippians 2:5-11(Focus Scripture)
Theme:  Like Jesus, we are invited to choose a servant’s obedience
Q:  Has following Christ humbled you? 

March 29, 2020
Lenten Sermon Series
“Boot Camp for the Soul”
Part 5: “Dead Ends”
Theme: When all hope seems lost, God revives
Q: How has God revived your life?

March 22, 2020
Lenten Sermon Series
“Boot Camp for the Soul”
Part 4 “Redefined”
Theme: We are more than we appear to be.
Q: How have you experienced a new identity in Christ?