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Stewardship Series October 14-November 18

October 21
Title: Drawing Water
Romans 12:5
Theme: Take time to draw from His strength
Q: Have you seen God’s hand move in response to your prayers this week?

October 28
Title: Jumping in with Both Feet
Psalm 116:12
Theme: We are all precious to the family of God
Q: What does it mean to you personally to be a part of God’s family?

November 4- All Saints Sunday
Title: Pennies in the Fountain
Matthew 20:28, Matthew 6:21 and Philippians 2:13
Theme: Giving comes from the heart
Q: Why is it more of a blessing to give than to receive?

November 11- LOGOS Sunday
Title:  Offering a drink to others
Colossians 2:6-7 and John 6:35
Theme: Service to others is necessary for our faith
Q:  How has serving someone else changed you?

November 18 – Consecration Sunday
Title: Filling the bucket to overflowing
John 15:1-5
Theme: Continue to live in obedience to Him
Q:  What ways can you be nourished by Him?

November 25
Title: Wherein is our hope?
John 18:33-37
Theme: Despite life’s challenges, we are able to trust God
Q:  Who’s in charge?






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