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June 30 Summer Series 1:  Intervention
Sermon Title:  Intervening to Enlighten His Own
Focus Scripture:  Luke 9:51-62
Theme:  Often the Lord’s intervention may empower us to live with faithfulness and conviction in our current situations in order to transform them.
Q:  In what situations might we need to humble ourselves today and accept that we may be the object, not the beneficiary, of God’s correction?

July 7 Summer Series 2:  Action Required
Sermon Title:  Love unconditionally
Focus Scripture:  Luke 10:25-37
Theme:  The Good Samaritan:  Love others, no matter who they are.
Q:  What actions do you show towards the defenseless? 

July 14 Summer Series 2:  Action Required
Sermon Title:  Stop and Listen
Focus Scripture:  Luke 10:38-42
Theme:  Mary and Martha:  Those who would serve must also sit and learn.
Q:  Who are you more like- Mary or Martha?

July 21 Summer Series 2:  Action Required
Sermon Title:  Be Persistent in Prayer
Focus Scripture:  Luke 11:  1-13
Theme:  The Persistent Friend:  Ask and you will receive
Q:  Are you shy about asking God in prayer what you need?

July 28 Summer Series 2:  Action Required
Sermon Title:  Look beyond Yourself
Focus Scripture:  Luke 12:13-21
Theme:  The Rich Fool:  Self-interest is to lose perspective of God’s greater desire for us.
Q:  Are we more about acts of love or acts of self-interest?

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